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Living with painful knots and muscle tension doesn’t have to be your norm. At RTM Physiatry & Psychiatry, Thresiamma Mathew, MD, and Terry Mathew, MD, offer trigger point injections at their New York City office in Jamaica, Queens. To learn more about whether trigger point injections could work for you, call the office to schedule your consultation or request your visit online.

Trigger Point Injections Q&A

What are trigger points?

Trigger points are tightly knotted muscle fibers or fascia (the connective tissue surrounding your muscles and organs). You may have one or many trigger points. Myofascial pain syndrome is a condition where trigger points cause persistent pain.

There are two kinds of trigger points. Latent trigger points hurt if you press on them, but aren’t as severe as active trigger points, which are highly sensitive.

Active trigger points are often painful even when you’re resting, and you may have additional problems such as weak muscles, a limited range of motion, and referred pain (pain felt in a different part of the body to the trigger point).

What causes trigger points?

Trigger points can develop for various reasons, including:

  • Repeated muscle movements
  • Heavy lifting
  • Acute injuries
  • Poor posture
  • Muscle tension

Trigger points are most often a result of muscle overuse or excessive stress, but they can sometimes occur if you don’t move or exercise enough.

How do trigger point injections work?

When your muscles tense up and form knots that won’t relax, trigger point injections can be beneficial. These knots, or trigger points, often irritate the nerves surrounding them, which is why you feel pain. During your procedure, your practitioner at RTM Physiatry & Psychiatry inserts a very small needle into your trigger point. This injection contains a numbing solution and often a corticosteroid. The injection helps your muscle relax and takes the pressure off nerves, alleviating the unbearable pain you feel.

Do trigger point injections hurt?

It’s normal to feel a slight sting or pinch when the needle is first inserted. But because part of the trigger point solution is a local anesthetic, the injection numbs the area almost instantly. This should minimize or completely get rid of any pain you may feel. For highly sensitive areas, your provider can apply a topical numbing cream to further minimize any discomfort during your session.

Will I need more than one trigger point injection?

Possibly, although it depends on how well you respond to the treatment. If you’ve had chronic pain from trigger points for years, you may need to come back in for additional injections. Patients often notice a reduction in pain after their first trigger point injection. If you have several trigger points or a large trigger point, you might need several injections during your visit.

To get relief from your trigger point pain, call RTM Physiatry & Psychiatry today or book an appointment online.